Is Kayaking Good for Your Health

Kayaking is an interesting sport that involves paddling a small craft. Paddling is a low-impact bustle that helps improve your flexibility, muscle strength, and aerobic fitness. Kayaking can be a competitive sport, hobby, or an opportunity to keep fit. Puddle your way to fitness through the sea, lakes, and rivers.

Health Benefits of Kayaking

Here are the specific health benefits that come with engaging in regular Kayaking.

• Better Heart health
• Enhanced muscle strength, especially in the chest, arms, back, and shoulders because of paddling
• Lowered risk of tear and wear on the joints as paddling is a low-impact activity
• Better leg health since most of the power to propel a kayak involves rotating the torso and gentle pressure to your legs
How to Prepare for your Kayaking expedition

Tips to guide beginners into the sport

Join a club- One of the most convenient ways of learning and enjoying the sport is joining a local club. Search for a local kayaking club and join one that suits you, as you are likely to learn a great deal from experienced members. You get to learn of the risks to avoid and the best techniques of paddling safely and fast.

Be an excellent swimmer- Kayaking involves occasionally getting into the water. For that reason, brush up on swimming skills to ensure your kayaking expeditions are enjoyable and safe.

Try Before Purchasing- The best technique to prepare for the sport is acquitting yourself with the sport before purchasing your kayak. Consider hiring a kayak first to learn the basics before buying the full kit.

What Should You Take for your Kayaking?

Here is a list of items to carry for your expedition.

• Kayak repair kit
• Fully equipped first aid kit
• Clean water
• High energy foods
• Fully charged phone packed in an impermeable container
• Set of clothes to change packed in a watertight bag